July 8 04

Well…i did it! I think a Brazilian wax has to be some sort of rite of passage for females. I feel like now i should get to belong to some elite group. women who torture themselves to be sexy.

Okay, so i’d never had anything waxed at all. I’m a shaver. I’m not a hairy person in general, and i’ve been quite pleased with shaving for the most part. But then my friend and I spoke once about going Brazilian. She did it without me while I was away. Then suddenly it was a challenge – if so could do it, so could i.

I walked into the room and Argentina told me to strip and that she’d come back into the room. I didn’t really understand why she left me in private to remove my clothing, only to have me lie down on the table completely in the buff, but whatever. I don’t ask questions at my OB’s office; I wasn’t asking any questions here.

It was quite a quick process, actually. From the time she put the first bit of hot wax on me until she was dusting me with baby powder, it was, maybe, 15 minutes. It was definitely painful, but not as bad as i was expecting. I used the breathing exercises i had learned in my prenatal classes (the funny thing, though, is that i never actually used any breathing at my actual labors so it’s nice to know those classes weren’t a complete waste of time).

I read an article written by Christina Valhouli before i got the wax. She said, “getting waxed is one of those hidden female pleasures, like wearing trashy lingerie under a business suit. It’s your little secret that makes you walk around with a smile, and puts an extra swagger in your step.” That is certainly true – I haven’t been able to stop smiling all morning.

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