December 3 04


I hate Jen, and would love to see her go down (and actually felt sick to my stomach when she and Sandy all of a sudden became the “bobbsey twins”) but Ivana was such a dumb-ass. It wasn’t even the fact that she did it, it was the way she did it – she was just so awkward and weird about the whole thing…even the way she said it “i’ll drop my skirt.” it just sounded really cheap and stupid.

Jen and Sandy used their sex appeal – they weren’t trashy about it though. They knew that 2 women dressed the way they were dressed, could sell a chocolate bar for $5. Ivana panicked at the thought of losing as a pm again and losing to Jen and just went nuts.

I would have liked to have seen Jen go last night, but Ivana will have to do.


I didn’t watch it, but I’m thrilled to hear that Ami went down!!! Yay! But, I’m pretty sure she’s got laser beams or something in her boobs. Machine gun jubblies….

The OC

What happened to Josh Schwartz promising to slow down a little bit?? Well, last night it seemed that everyone hooked up – Summer and Zack, Marissa and superold lawn boy, and surprise surprise….Seth and flock of seagulls (with a surprise kiss at the Peach pit…ooops, I mean the Bait Shop) and Ryan and Lindsay. yeah…we couldn’t have seen any of that coming…

but it’s really all happening too quickly. What happened to the soap-opera-y buildup to relationships that I’ve come to love on my teen angst TV shows (see…Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dawson’s Creek)???

  1. What’s sadder than this season of Survivor? The fact that there was nothing else worth watching so we sat through this latest installment of boredom. The only shocker was that the skinny girl (law student, I can’t remember her name – shows how much I’m paying attention this season) didn’t change her vote after the faucet works at tribal council. I thought skinny chick changed her vote and the other young girl voted against Ami.

    That other girl (is her name Julie? I could look it up but won’t. Just. Too. Lazy.) should say she voted for Ami and make it look like skinny-one broke the alliance. That would be quite a move in the game. It won’t happen with these hacks that think they’re players.

    Comment by Sean on December 3, 2004
  2. I like the new layout.

    Comment by Sean on December 3, 2004

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