April 20 05

~~Could there be anything funnier than Gretchen sitting on top of that elephant, whining her head off? I swear i almost peed my pants a little. her screaming needs to stop. it’s annoying the crap out of me.

~~I LOVE Joyce. she’s so awesome. I was crying when she was getting her head shaved. but, i must say, her hair needed to go. she looked better bald! and think about the gorgeous extensions she can buy with her million dollars!! And why or why didn’t they win a first place prize?? they totally deserved one.

~~Lynn wanting to drink his toner had me in stitches. but, i’m still happy they are gone. i’ve had just about enough of their “honeys”

~~Can’t wait for next week when Kelly so smartly puts that Ron “gets out” of his committment to the military by being a POW. genius.


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