April 20 05

the goods:
Carrie – oy. Simon’s right. her look is TERRIBLE. barbie doll/stepford wife was right on! but she sang beautifully last night.
Vonzell – she gets better every week. and she takes risks. i really like her.
Anwar – i thought he was pretty good. definitely more lively than he’s been.

the mehs:
Constantine – what was with all that eye make-up?? AND he took the tongue out again. sheesh. put that thing back, please.
Bo – what was with Bo’s hair tonight? it looked worse than usual (how IS that even possible??) i thought he was just a’ight.

the bads:
Scott – now he’s not only scary, but he’s boring as hell too. someone put this guy out of his misery (aaron…i hope you didn’t think he was good last night!!)
Anthony – ew. no. go home, please.

bottom three? my guess is Scott, Anwar and Anthony. Scott goes home.


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