August 26 10

I am counting down the days until school starts. TWELVE.

It’s too many.

TWELVE. It’s too many to count on my fingers.

Think of me what you will, but I am over the summer.

(What I am NOT over, however, is the warm weather. So, Toronto, please to take away this 57 degree crap and bring back the 80s for a little while. Okay? Thanks. My sundresses appreciate it.)

(I mean, judging by the amount of leggings and fluorescents I see walking around, you certainly brought back to 80s…)

You see, the summer owes the Martells nothing. June was spent in Camp Rock and Art camp and Sports camp and eating lots of ice cream. It was also spent in Myrtle Beach. July was spent in Camp Mommy and eating lots of ice cream. It was also spent at my mom’s house in Wisconsin. August was spent in Dance camp and Sports camp and eating lots of ice cream. It was also spent at our new house in Toronto. It has been filled with day trips and adventures and fun and friends and, of course, ice cream.

But now?

I am done.

Like dinner.

I need routines and BED TIMES and early dinners and even though there are some not-as-lovely things about school (*cough* carpool *cough* homework *cough*) it’s still so much better than what we’ve got going on over here.

It’s madness. Even the kids want to go back to school.

I swear. They are READY.

We’ve done almost all of our school shopping.

We’ve gotten each of them a first-day-of-school outfit (WAH. I miss uniforms SO HARD) although by the looks of the temperatures, they may need parkas for the first day of school.

We’ve gotten freshly shorn.

(He wanted the  Chad Dylan Cooper meets Luke Skywalker)

(For reference:




And this little one got her first-ever haircut. It was more like, hair trim, as we really only gave in because the poor soon-t0-be kindergartener was super jealous of her brother and sister and went all Veruca Salt on us, “Daddy but I WANT A HAIRCUT NOW. AND AN OOMPA LOOMPA!” Also, how could you say no to this face?

We are ready.

Bring on the carpool. I can take it.

  1. you can survive those last 12 days…I am sure of it. Well, I guess you could survive if you had a phone….you do have at least a landline now…right?

    Comment by DE Heather on August 26, 2010

    fingers crossed!

    Comment by ali on August 26, 2010
  3. Their haircuts look AMAZING. Where did those three little kids go who I met two years back? I don’t see a hide nor hair of them…

    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on August 26, 2010
  4. I could totally not say no to that adorable face!

    Nice ‘dos. The CDC + LS is total perfection.

    Hang in there. These 12 days will go fast. Like the rest of the summer has for me. I AM SO NOT READY!!!

    Comment by Nenette on August 26, 2010
  5. They look so quiet and well behaved and not restless when you see them in photographic form!

    Comment by Avitable on August 26, 2010
  6. You and your children are the most amazing in the world.

    Comment by jacqui on August 26, 2010
  7. I CANNOT wait until Sept 7! Bring it on, routines routines routines, and early bed time – awesome!

    Comment by Maria on August 26, 2010
  8. Where did they get their haircuts? They look adorable. I have so much trouble getting good cuts for the kids.

    Comment by Tamara on August 26, 2010
  9. school started a week and a half ago.

    it makes the baby jesus cry big ol fat tears.

    Comment by gorillabuns on August 27, 2010
  10. oh nice blog design

    Comment by Truyen cuoi on August 30, 2010
  11. Your kids are just so adorable! And your photos are breathtaking! I need you to take a photo of me and make me look that beautiful!

    I can’t believe how old Isabella looks!

    Comment by Kristabella on August 30, 2010
  12. I just can’t wait for school. I’m tired of sunblock and the feeling that we need to be outside all day, every day. Everything is better in September.

    Comment by LZ on August 31, 2010

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