June 13 08

holy shitpants**

the monster has escaped. the t-rex is loose!

our usual morning routine..for as long as i can remember…was Isabella calling from her room..”Mama! I’m awake! come and get me! i wanna watch (s)Toy Story! i needa make a peepee! I want some chockomilk!”

last night, however, this ALL changed.

I was minding my own business, enjoying a lovely perfect evening alone with the Lakers/Celtics game (awe.some. now, let’s make this clear, i’m not a HUGE Celtics fan- although i DO want to stuff Leon Powe into my pocket and take him home and make him dinner. something – i really just want the Lakers to suffer, since they knocked the Spurs out of the playoffs…)

and with So You Think You Can Dance (Katee and Joshua! love love love)

and trying to figure out which i prefer…plurk or twitter (am still undecided)


and with season 2 of How I Met Your Mother

and with a grande nonfat one splenda iced latte (or is it??)

and then i heard a noise. a strange thump. and then a creak.

and then i found this.

a little half-asleep monster, deliriously walking down the steps. circa 10pm. so, i picked her up, put her back in her bed and closed the door. lather, rinse, repeat, circa 10:30pm.

oh, joy of joys. bugger knows how to open her door. i need a drink.

**not to be confused with this shitpants

  1. Lakers/Celts:
    I am SO bummed. I was watching the second quarter when I started fading in and out, and woke up to see Farmar shoot the 3 to end the 2nd. I looked at the score and decided to go to bed instead of watch. Damnit.

    Can she work those door knob cover thingies?

    SciFi Dads last blog post..The Birth

    Comment by SciFi Dad on June 13, 2008
  2. You’re on Plurk too? I wondered if I should bother, but the consensus seemed to be that it was just like Twitter?

    Or am I out of the loop? Again? Probably.

    Angellas last blog post..I Can’t Hear You

    Comment by Angella on June 13, 2008
  3. Re: SYTYCD…I have a secret girl crush on Kherington.

    metalias last blog post..An Update on my Progress, or Lack Thereof

    Comment by metalia on June 13, 2008
  4. “holy shitpants”

    Those two words, combined, CRACK.ME.UP.

    Hmm… perhaps you should install a harder-to-open doorknob?

    Janas last blog post..Permission to Feel

    Comment by Jana on June 13, 2008
  5. This is why we have two baby gates stacked one on top of the other in Oliver’s doorway.

    Also – what the fuck is PLURK?!

    Comment by mamatulip on June 13, 2008
  6. You need those door handle cover thingies to keep her in her room at night! Is it bad that I still do that with my 5 1/2 year old? Really it’s because I worry he’d go downstairs in the middle of the night and turn on the stove or something…or ahem…see mommy and daddy wolfing down the junk food they don’t know we have in the house…

    KathyMs last blog post..My bouncing baby boy

    Comment by KathyM on June 13, 2008
  7. I don’t know about her, but I.can’t. work the doorknob thingies. So I can’t use them in our house because we’d be trapped in a room or something until the Canadian got home.

    Maybe you should talk to your barista and have her slip a little something extra into your latte before you head home for the night. She seems to be good at it anyway, put her to good use. heh

    Comment by AJ on June 13, 2008
  8. So glad I’m not the only parent putting those “safety” door knobs on the inside of boy’s room to keep him in the room! Usually I just threaten to close the door – he knows he can’t open it & the threat is all it takes.

    Comment by Maria on June 13, 2008
  9. what are plurks and twitters?do you need a cellphone for those?maybe bella needs the drink not you just kidding.

    Comment by LAVENDULA on June 13, 2008
  10. WE have a baby gate up which the “baby” is perfectly capable of climbing but doesn’t. Ordinary doors cannot hold her.

    Rebeccas last blog post..Gardens at Night

    Comment by Rebecca on June 13, 2008
  11. Oh I LOVE Joshua and Katee! Joshua graduated from our local high school (North Crowley in Ft Worth TX) so we are really pulling for him!!

    Kristis last blog post..Cleaning Out My Closet

    Comment by Kristi on June 13, 2008
  12. I wish my daughter would sleep with her door closed. For some reason, she thinks it is a fate worse than death for her bedroom door to be closed. grrr.

    Shamelessly Sassys last blog post..Fannypack Phobia

    Comment by Shamelessly Sassy on June 13, 2008
  13. Awww, what an adorable sleepy monster! Btw, can we still be friends if I say I don’t really *get* the whole Twitter craze? Also, I have no idea what Plurk is!

    Camels & Chocolates last blog post..For Sirius

    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on June 13, 2008
  14. Oh, Twitter all the way. I love the whole birdie theme….

    Awww Bella looks SO SWEET!

    Haley-Os last blog post..BIG NEWS. HUGE!

    Comment by Haley-O on June 13, 2008
  15. I side with Plurk because it isn’t blocked at work. Yet. And I like how you can have little conversations.

    And Twitter is always busted.

    Kristabellas last blog post..I Am Drunk

    Comment by Kristabella on June 13, 2008
  16. Thats what happens when you go against the Lakers.

    Misss last blog post..…

    Comment by Miss on June 13, 2008
  17. I love that you had the presence of mind to grab the camera to catch her in the act. And the perfect sleepy, guilty expression on her face.

    I started a Plurk account and then didn’t use it.

    Backpacking Dads last blog post..The Mommy Pope is going to excommunicate me

    Comment by Backpacking Dad on June 13, 2008
  18. Oh how I love that you refer to you kidlets at shitpants. You seriously rule.

    I’ve not ventured into Twitter land (b/c I’ve heard it’s a bit crack-like in its addictiveness). But I like the sound of Plurk and I like the logo better. I’m very scientific and superficial in choice-making, see? 🙂

    The Over-Thinkers last blog post..It’s My Birthday and I post if I want to, post if I want to, post if I want to!

    Comment by The Over-Thinker on June 13, 2008
  19. I imagine that’s one of the worst feelings—shit, she can get out of her bed WHENEVER SHE FEELS LIKE IT.

    Comment by She Likes Purple on June 13, 2008
  20. Yup. Not a cool time. And of course it goes on for like YEARS!

    I found twitter…but still confused, and there’s something else out there..now I’m screwed for sure.

    Good&Crazys last blog post..Things that save my Marriage: Part III

    Comment by Good&Crazy on June 13, 2008
  21. Bottoms Up…I’ll drink with you from a distance. Sounds like a plan to me.

    Comment by krissy on June 14, 2008
  22. That little stinker! Good thing she’s cute!

    I love SYTYCD. I like Twitch, the guy with braces (like me) and there are a few others. I was sad to see Raven go home though..

    Comment by Ruby on June 14, 2008
  23. Oh… I am just too emotionally exhausted to deal with either Plurk OR twitter…

    Manager Moms last blog post..It’s Good To Be Queen

    Comment by Manager Mom on June 14, 2008
  24. Sounds like a day in my life. While you are getting that drink, do you mind pouring me one as well? I’d like mine straight up please.

    As for twitter or plurk…I’m going twitter all the way. Plurk is just annoying even though I have an account…lol.

    Comment by Domestic Diva on June 15, 2008
  25. Remind me again why I never had kids?! Ha!

    I Twittered for a while but it was too much work to keep up with.

    Teena in Torontos last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday

    Comment by Teena in Toronto on June 15, 2008
  26. I have heard that one of those spongy, elastic cords bungee cords with the hooks on the ends attached to an adjacent door handle works wonders to keep the door closed… not that I’ve ever tried it..

    And Twitter scares me.

    Sarahs last blog post..Happy Father’s Day!!

    Comment by Sarah on June 15, 2008
  27. Awww, she is SO cute! Now I would hate to be interrupted from some prime tv time, but it’s hard to get upset at that!

    beths last blog post..Update

    Comment by beth on June 15, 2008
  28. We put a few wooden bead necklaces around the doorknobs of our girls’ rooms. Works better than a bell on their collar. And, we get less stares from strangers that way.


    Comment by Swirl Girl on June 16, 2008
  29. I am pro-Twitter.

    Don’t like that Plurk is not connected to anything else (LIKE YOUR CELL, HELLLOOOO????) and is very hard to read.

    Aimee Greeblemonkeys last blog post..Mr. Quirk

    Comment by Aimee Greeblemonkey on June 19, 2008

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