January 19 06

or maybe it’s because it’s the first day with a new pair of contacts (remember that contact i lost while skiing…?)
or maybe i’m still exhausted from tremblant. lord knows my calves still hurt. does that mean i’m insanely out of shape? two days later…i’m still aching??
or maybe it’s because i have to drive emily and adina to ballet in about an hour and a half and last week was a mess.
or maybe finding a job is mentally exhausting.

whatever the reason, my head feels like it’s going to explode.

okay…so, as far as Grey’s Anatomy goes, it was good. not great. Cristina’s unspoken sadness as she looked at Bailey’s belly was heartbreaking. also, now my love for George? totally cemented. ooh…the elevator scene. swoon.

but…here’s a question for y’all, does everyone know about this Jamie Lee Curtis having testes thing?? as soon as the Bex storyline came on, everyone in the room started talking about Jamie Lee Curtis. what do you think? true? not true? there’s only so many times you can hear it before you start to believe it…like the richard gere gerbil story…


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