March 18 09

thankfully for all of those involved, i didn’t have to attend The Heart Truth Fashion show in the buff. i did, however, have to sweat my way through an annoying clusterfuck to prove to them that YES! I AM ON YOUR LIST! and i wasn’t some imposter trying to pose as media. my little camera-that-could looked like, well, like all the other media camera could eat her in one teeny bite…but, sigh, at least *I* wasn’t wearing beige short shorts over black tights and GREEN SPARKLY FLAT MARY JANES (i half expected her to be muttering “there’s no place like home” under her breath) because, honestly, going naked would have been better than that.


once i proved to them that yes, indeed, i had a seat, sitting right behind Jeanne Beker, and right across from Jake Gold. and seriously, you all, if you are not Canadian, you are staring at the screen all “what the hell kinds of drugs is ali taking? is she making people up?” i assure you, canadians know. and anyone who has ever watched America’s Next Top Model or Canada’s Next Top Model would understand why i squeed a little bit when i waltzed over to Nole Marin and forced him to take 87 pictures with me until we got one where my eyes were open. I mean, sure, it wasn’t Nigel Barker, but GAH. holy shit, i was at fashion week! and i’ll be going back for some more fashion-y goodness tonight and tomorrow night. and i’ll be doing some write ups (WITH PICTURES) on Juice, and soonsoonsoon i’ll be able to debut a another new little project i’ll be doing on (hint: there’s fashion involved!)

speaking of goodness…in addition to the copy of Chatelaine and the (3) Schick quattro shavers i managed to score, i was handed this treat:


i don’t know what to make of it, actually. kit kat + hazelnut? really? i mean, kit kat is one of my most favorite chocolate treats. granted, i haven’t eaten one since i was in high school, when i almost always ate them by first eating all the chocolate around the edges until all that was left was the wafer (oh my god you guys i am repulsed just telling you that i did this when i was grown and not, um, 4) but…messing with a good thing? i don’t know. i didn’t like when they added caramel to just about every chocolate bar out there. Reese Caramel Cup? BARF. also…i’m a little confused as to why it’s called “Senses” and not, you know, Kit Kat Hazelnut. or something.

it’s the little things you think about when you are overtired and nursing a post St. Patrick’s day hangover. heh.

and some news to report on the ali-takes-back-the-gym front. It’s been exactly a month since i joined the gym and started working out on my own AND with scary trainer Olga. i’m pretty sure i’ve GAINED 2 pounds, maybe 3 (and if any one of you says “well, that’s because muscle weighs more than fat” i have a tivo’ed speech from Jillian Michaels to tell you that you are full of SHIT) but, the weight gain aside, i feel AWESOME. my ass is so pretty right now. i mean, it was nice before (sadly…my best physical feature and it’s located on the one spot i can’t even see without using two mirrors and some super ninja-like bendy moves), but, hello, FIRMNESS! welcome to my life! you can stay. i am also able to run for more than 3 minutes straight without collapsing and dying, which is a plus, no? okay, fine, i don’t have the stamina of crazy-workout-girl on the machine beside me who burned 1100 calories AT ONE TIME, but still.

also…help me get my daughter to do TWO things please…

a) let me dress her in something other than this t-shirt

b) let me tame her hair


i suppose i should be thankful that the child is 3 and dresses herself every morning and that she finally has hair….because she was cue-ball bald for pretty much the first THREE years of her life… and she finally is no longer mistaken for a BOY.

(also, i should let you know something, so it doesn’t go unnoticed because sometimes, my husband really surprises me. there’s NOTHING in the world quite like getting a text message that says “i’ll meet you at the promenade after the workout so we can buy you something to wear to fashion week.” seriously, y’all. i don’t need romance. or mush. or gush. just give me a man who feeds into my shopping desire any day of the week and twice on tuesdays. RAWR.) (sadly, we walked away with nary a purchase) (i HAVE to shop alone)

  1. You should be thrilled that she dresses herself. I can’t get my almost 8 year to even pick out her own clothes!

    Comment by WickedStepMom on March 18, 2009
  2. My wife is the exact same – all she wants is for me to say, let’s shop for you today – and we’re not leaving until you buy something! Of course, just like you – she hates shopping with us… too much pressure. We’re impatient, we’re hovering… ah well, the only thing we can do is try to be good husbands 😉

    Comment by ian on March 18, 2009
  3. um, I STILL eat kit kats that way 😉 I love halloween for that reason exactly-I will not buy myself a kit kat during the year, but the mini ones? Bring em on!!
    In terms of what to wear-have you checked out Banana Republic? They have some great dresses that can be dressed up or down (one swingy coral one that I’m drooling over these days) that are on sale! Let us know what you find.

    Comment by NEWMOM on March 18, 2009
  4. I can’t believe how big Bella is getting!

    Comment by SciFi Dad on March 18, 2009
  5. You don’t need romance? No mush? No gush?

    Well, there goes my comment…


    You totally got romanced, baby! Well, I think you did. If my Tool Man did that, it would totally count as foreplay and we’d have to leave the store early, wink wink. Instead, he calls me and asks if he should stop at Target for toilet paper. “You get on home with your hot toilet paper buying self!” I cry!

    fadkogs last blog post..shall we play a game? version 2.0

    Comment by fadkog on March 18, 2009
  6. HIS idea to go shopping fo ryou? Oh that’s romance, baby!

    Joanies last blog post..Five in Five! Amayzing Mayzie!!

    Comment by Joanie on March 18, 2009
  7. thank gawd you said the muscle/fat thing. I was about to jump ALL OVER IT! Bugs the shit out of me when people say muscle weighs more. It’s more dense but a POUND IS A POUND IS A POUND!!! A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of pencils. Capiche? hahaha.

    Kit Kat Senses? ew.

    Comment by Holly on March 18, 2009
  8. Kit Kat in Hazelnut? Where? WHERE????

    apathy lounges last blog post..Chapped

    Comment by apathy lounge on March 18, 2009
  9. I wanna see a close up of what you wore!

    And I guess people should say that five pounds of muscle has less volume than five pounds of fat.

    Katies last blog post..sausage farts

    Comment by Katie on March 18, 2009
  10. Bella gives me hope that one day Emily will have hair that needs taming…

    Angellas last blog post..The One Thing I Can’t Live Without

    Comment by Angella on March 18, 2009
  11. tried the Kit Kat Senses – mmmmmmmmmm, luv it!!! can’t wait to see the pics & what you decided to wear, sounds so fun

    Comment by Maria on March 18, 2009
  12. ummm I still eat kit kats that way. Tho I never buy them, it usually stolen from the boy’s halloween bag or something.
    OH! Can’t wait to see your Nole Marin photos! Is he short? What did you waer – oh I cannot wait to see the pics.
    Congrats on the butt-lifting! yee-haw! I had one 15 minute workout with one on sunday – I’m still dying in pain 3 days later. But mine was just a sales pitch so I won’t be going back.

    monstergirlees last blog post..The Office

    Comment by monstergirlee on March 18, 2009
  13. wow you saw JEanne Beker4?? is she as irritating in person as she is on TV? LOL

    (And I STILL eat Crunchie bars that way, it grosses my hubby out, but I think he’s just jealous because my mom mails me Crunchie care packages and I say they were addressed to me so he cant have any…)

    Comment by Becca on March 18, 2009
  14. Congrats! on the gym radness, babe. That’s AWESOME.

    Also: NOLE. I totally would have stalker hugged him.

    Comment by Kerri Anne on March 18, 2009
  15. Just checked in over at juice after using your link from this post. Something changes I’ve been checking for updates on the old one? I just though it hadn’t been updated since the Joaquin interview. Boy did I miss the memo and a lot of good stuff.

    Comment by northportmom on March 18, 2009
  16. Jealous! Jealous, jealous, jealous! At least show us pictures so us lame-os can live vicariously.
    Also, don’t fret the 2 lbs. I haven’t weighed myself in literally years; as long as my pants still fit, I consider that a win.

    Comment by MonsteRawr on March 18, 2009
  17. Oh god, we just finished a Cinderella shirt phase. But, I did learn that you can go to the Disney Store .com and buy six of the same shirt, each in a different color. Truly, that’s what I did.

    Comment by Issa on March 18, 2009
  18. Kit Kats…with hazelnut, you say? I’m sorry, I blanked out for a moment.

    Comment by Moose on March 18, 2009
  19. Bella and ny niece Skyler would so get along. Skyler will not let anyone touch her hair. My SIL has to bribe her with treats to let her just comb it and get her bangs out of her face.

    But Skyler only likes to wear dresses. Even when it is -20 out.

    Kristabellas last blog post..Movin’ On Up…?

    Comment by Kristabella on March 19, 2009

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