January 26 06

i’ll admit it, without any shame at all.
i love American Idol.
more specifically, i love American Idol auditions.

i love when they are great auditions, like Paris Bennet’s.

i love when they are terrible auditions, like Brandon the sheriff’s.

i love when they are montages of terrible auditions, like this one.

most of all, i love when they are so damn confusing, like poor Zachary Travis’ audition.

my thoughts last night:
~~if Shawna White could fix those teeth, i’d like her. she’s cute, in a beverly hillbilly kind of way.

~~Katharine McPhee is awesome. really, really good.

~~Jose “Sway” Penala? not a big fan.

~~ha! Matthew the Clay Aiken guy? “The judges made a mistake. They don’t understand my similarities to Clay Aiken”

~~I liked “Happy Heidi From Hawaii.” she was robbed.

~~best line of the night:
Simon: One of the worst voices ever, Kelly.
Paula: Her name’s SHERRY.


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