December 17 04

Summer saves Chrismukkah. That’s it. Seth will not ever be getting over her. Ever. this was better than the wonder woman costume. But, the good news for Seth is that his girl Alex is supposedly supposed to be having some girl-on-girl action with Marissa this season anyway, so it’s not like Seth is really taken…

yama-claus. nice one. I can’t wait for Eastover and Kwanzashonah.

Seth says ginormous. that’s my word. I actually think it’s my husband’s word…but i stole it and made it mine. but Seth is welcome to borrow it.

and i’ll admit it. there were lots of tears in the Martell household last night. and they were all mine. of course. What a great episode. Best of the season.

  1. forgot to mention:!

    Comment by Ali on December 17, 2004

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