December 17 04

…of total horse-shit. what a complete waste of time. i’m glad i tivo’ed it and fast forwarded through the utterly BORING parts. no, i didn’t need to see the Ivana footage again, or the Jen C “Jewish” comment or the Stacie 8 ball incident.

I did like the public flogging of Jen. Yay. Finally people were starting to tell it like it is. Jen was crap and a shrill bee-atch and didn’t deserve to be in the final 2. it should have been my sweaty-man Kevin up there.

And watching little Stacy dance to the OJ’s song was the highlight of the night. i swear i must have played it back about 15 times. hysterical.

altogether too much pink on the males last night.

and Kevin saying he answered the phone shirtless….what? no mention of Kelly’s man boobs and various appendages hanging out when he answered the phone???

  1. and here i thought i was the only one who noticed that EVERYONE seemed to have co-ordinated their outfits…
    the men in pink ties or shirts, little Stacy with a pink shirt, Pamela with a pink scarf…

    what was that??!!

    Comment by chisparoja on December 17, 2004
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