June 22 06

Today there was a “surprise” man-shower for a guy at work who is getting married.
It was a pot-luck lunch.
which i find awkward even when it’s with good friends.

awkward since i have issues. issues with being picky. and not liking to eat other peoples’ food. even when its friends (not all friends…you know if i eat at your house…). so, imagine when it’s not friends. people’s kitchens i have never entered.

awkward since my department is a social mess. conversations never seem to be normal. sometimes they come across as being very first-datey, when you don’t know all that much about the other person. they are superficial at best. sometimes they are about work stuff, which i can’t stand. sometimes they are about the weather (could you get any more superficial??) and impending fire drills.

i, smartly, placed myself right next to my boss. prime location for a little ass-kissing. a little sucking up, especially when you are coming up a contract renewal, never hurts. i talked to her about my cookie addiction (prompted by her noticing that i wasn’t eating anything) and about celebrities. she surprisingly knew more than i’d thought.

and there was coffee. free coffee. so, you gotta know that i’m all over that.
and now i’m on a little bit of a caffeine high.


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