April 3 06

~seriously, could i love Cristina any more?? between the George: “Apparently we think alike.” Cristina: “Wow. Can’t believe they’re proud of that.” and the “Great. Have you met your sister?” and the getting back to basics nude scene, she totally rocks my socks.

~move over McDreamy and McSteamy….make room for McVet. hot, i say. hot.

~I find Torres all kinds of creepy. George is her McDreamy? (ew). she lives in the hospital? (what?)

~oh, Mer? see…dealing with frustrations by drinking and sleeping with inappropriate men? bad. knitting and hammering plaster? good. you can be taught!

~liked the Mare Winningham guest spot. but, man, does she look old. she didn’t age as well as her St. Elmo’s castmates, did she?

~Denny talking sexy? gross. ew. stop. please.

good, good episode!

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