April 3 06

we are in this little predicament with our baby.
she’s a sleeper. in fact, she’s a really good sleeper.
the best of our three kids.
the only problem is that she’s waking up too early. usually around 6:15 – sometimes at early as 5, though.
why, do you ask?
it’s quite simple.
she’s peeing out of her diapers.
she’s peeing out of her diaper, out of her sleeper, and onto her sheets.
and she’s waking up because she’s soaking wet.
not because she’s hungry, or not sleepy anymore.
because she’s freakin’ freezing because she’s covered in pee.

now, do you blame her?
of course not.
do i want to shoot myself?
of course i do.
it’s not fun to have to wake up to strip the baby and strip the bed every.single.freaking. night.

so…here’s my question for you all. what to do???
i remember Devora and Howie (there’s your shout out, guys, since i couldn’t shout out when i lost to you in trivial pursuit…that would have been embarrassing) saying that they used to go into their daughter’s room to change her before going to bed. that would NOT go over well in our house. she would 100% wake up and that would only mean trouble.

she wears a size 3 pampers cruiser. it fits her to a t.
not to tight. not too loose. perfect.
it’s very rare that she’ll soak through during the day.

so, i don’t want to go up in size…for fear of leakage.
and i don’t want to go down a size….for fear of leakage.

has anyone ever used huggies overnights?
i have never been a big fan of huggies in general..but these are getting rave reviews over at epinions. and they come in size 3 – 16-28 pounds. perfect size.

forget it. i think i answered my own question…i’m off to the store…

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