November 25 04

Jonathan (of TAR6 fame) is a complete jackass.

He told the Providence Journal, “The editing wasn’t kind to me, was it? They used everything bad that was there. Victoria and I are like any married couple, we fight sometimes, but not like that. … We do love each other. But the way we’re represented, I’m abusing her.”

He went on to say:

“I did this to myself. I went in wearing crazy colors. I didn’t want to play the nice guy. I wanted to be colorful and over-the-top. I didn’t want to be just nice. It wouldn’t be fun. It wouldn’t get any attention. … if you just be real, it will be boring. If you take it to a heightened level, it will be interesting,” he says.

yes, it sure is fun to abuse your wife. yelling, screaming, closing car doors on her, hitting her, making her cry….you certainly got the attention you wanted, Bucko!

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