February 7 05

well…there was no repeat nipplegate (only a fairly – okay, i’ll admit it – decent performance by Paul McCartney…the man is so old, and he can still sing like he did in his 20’s…and thank the lord he sang good songs…not the wings crap i thought he was going to..), no surprise on the MVP Deion Branch (who tied the super bowl record for 11 receptions), but it was an awesome superbowl because i won $40!!

i mean, it was completely random – but because on our little grid i had 4 for NE and 1 for Philly, i won the $40 pot. yay.

Thanks, Uri, for allowing me to crash your all-male party and eat your man-ribs. Come on, you know it was much more fun with me there. and next year i may even get in the shvitz…:) Okay, so i ruffled a few feathers and upset some wives – well, only one in particular, but she’ll get over it.


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