February 7 05

…it’s people who are late.
late people are telling you, in a sense, that your time is not important. at least, not as important as their time.

there are two kinds of late people:
a) the first are the people who do not understand the concept of how long it takes to do things. I have friends who will call me up and say, “okay, so i have to stop at Sobey’s to pick up something, then i have to drop my kids at my inlaws and then get gas, so i’ll be at your house in 5 minutes.” um, five minutes? i know that it will take this person 5 minutes just to get the kids into the car, let alone get groceries and gas.

b) then there are the people who just live on their own clocks. if a party starts at 7, no problem, let’s get there for 8:45. if a movie starts at 8, no biggie, we’ll get there at 8:05, because the people (the on-time people) we are seeing the movie with will be there 40 minutes early to save us seats.

  1. I totally agree! Actually, with one of my friends, it’s become a habit to tell him things start 30 minutes earlier than they really do. It’s pretty much garunteed he’ll be at least 30 minutes late, so he usually ends up arring just about the right time.

    Comment by Phil on February 7, 2005
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