June 24 15

Well the good news is that as romantic as it was (Read: NOT ROMANTIC) I’ve stopped sharing a twin bed with my husband.

While yes, it’s true that I might be the size of a child, I do not recommend two humans trying to sleep in a twin-sized bed. Just this past weekend I was playing cars and trucks (and planes..oh my!) with my good toddler friend Zale, and he thought I was a kid. He may have assumed that my husband was my dad, and that Isabella was my sister, but I’m 100% sure that even he wouldn’t recommend twin bed. They may have done it on Little House on The Prairie, but, you know, their mattresses were made out of HAY and they also used covered wagons as transportation. (Also no Netflix) So I can tell you, that life is not for me.

What prompted me to make my big, bold move to a mattress on the floor was his five-day-long stay in said twin bed due to a strep-like illness that wasn’t strep but felt like strep and didn’t respond to strep antibiotics or to any other kind of medication. Trust me, we spent $426 on all different kinds of over-the-counter treatments for this notstrep. And don’t get me started on the morning he woke up and couldn’t see because his eyes were pink-eyed shut. Oh yes. He’s mostly better now. We burned the sheets and I moved to a mattress on the floor that gets moved to another location when I need to work at my desk, because a chair doesn’t fit when the mattress is there.

Sidebar: I feel like I could benefit from watching (and taking notes) those small space videos. You know those ones straight from Hong Kong where apartment rooms move to fit inside of other rooms like Russian dolls? It’s like a circus act: “Come one, come all! See how I live with my family of 11 in exactly 21 square feet!” “Come and see my bathroom which fits inside my kitchen which fits inside my office which fits inside my laundry room!”

The thing is, we are doing fine. We are making it work. Everyone is compromising, everyone is trying. We even got my father-in-law to eat tacos made with fake ground meat (my children affectionately and disgusting call this FEAT.) Instead of stressing, I’m just buying new underpants and socks for everyone when we can’t find it. And, of course, I use sarcasm as a coping mechanism (and some actual therapy seems to help too thanks to the lovely Dr. Robinson). I mean, I pretty much have to pee all the time and I am learning to put my makeup on in the dark in front of the front-hall closet mirror and I realized that I can pretty much only use the bathroom at work now (which seems to have solved my previous work bathroom problem, bonus!).

So, we decided the best thing to do is invite two more guests to share our small space living for the weekend — my lovely niece who is here from Israel and her sweet, sweet friend. {Do you want to come too? We can play Settlers of Catan while we hold our bladders!}

The real silver lining here, though, is that when I do move into my new house on July 31st it’s going to feel THAT much sweeter when I get to pee in peace. (Also, you won’t have to hear about my bathroom functions anymore!)



I’m currently checking out king-sized beds, too. It seems like a fitting reward, no?

  1. Whatever is bigger than a king, that is the bed you deserve!

    Also, I want to come over!! But I’ll wait until after July 31. 🙂

    Comment by Kristabella on June 24, 2015
  2. You each deserve you OWN king size bed. ;0)

    Comment by Meghan on June 24, 2015

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