July 1 15

It’s Canada Day today so in addition to it meaning very lovely things to me personally about living in the land of free health care and poutine, it also means that it’s my first day off that’s not a Jewish holiday since I started my new job. The girls actually have camp today (thanks Moshava Ba’ir!) and the boys are spending the day with the Blue Jays in their free t-shirts.

What this actually means is that I’m sitting in my top knot and yoga pants and giant smile, with several hours all to myself. This never happens. When I’m not busy, I’m busy. My minutes are filled to the absolute max right now, between my job, my photography business, my freelance writing, getting Emily off to camp, moving into a new house, and of course, finishing season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. (Priorities, yo)

But today? (Well, the next four hours) It’s mine.

It’s for downloading and test driving some new music.



It’s for following up on all of those emails that I have marked in various flag colors but haven’t responded to (I’m sorry). It’s for cleaning up my hard drives. It’s for chatting with photo clients. It’s for making appointments to cut my Sister Wife hair and have my eyebrows threaded. It’s for reading my book club book. It’s for planning summer mini sessions. It’s for riding my bike. It’s for eating a head-size cinnamon bun and not having to share it with any small people. It’s for painting my nails. It’s for writing. It’s for drinking my coffee while it’s still hot without having to be gross and microwave it three times.

It’s for yoga pants and top knots.

But all this planning has wiped me. So I’m going to take a nap. Because I can on Canada Ali Day. Wake me at 4, so I can go pick up my kids.

  1. Happy Canada Day!

    Comment by Kristabella on July 1, 2015
  2. What did you think of Craig Cardiff? I have seen him play at Hugh’s room downtown a few times, wonderful story teller.

    Comment by Jules on July 8, 2015

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