October 1 10

I write about my kids a lot.

Sometimes, it’s funny. Like…this piece about how my son now wears skinny jeans. Come on over. It’s Making It Work Fridays over at Aiming Low.

Sometimes, it’s not so funny, and stuff that hard for me to write. Like…this piece I wrote yesterday about my girls and their body images. Come on over.

Sometimes, it’s about FOOD, and baking with them…and also, giving you $100, just for commenting. Come on over.

And sometimes it’s totally NOT about my kids. It’s just about Glee. Come on over. Or, it’s about interviewing very, very pretty people from The Tudors. Come on over. You know you want to.

  1. I enjoyed Aiming Low! Keep the blogging going!

    Your kids are cute- I send my love to them and to you too- God bless!

    This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

    Comment by Nancy on December 1, 2010

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