December 8 04

but alas, no one was, and I usually HATE non-elimination rounds, but i was so happy to not see Don and Mary Jean be eliminated. Phil was happy to tell them that they were still in the Amazing Race.

Thanks to freakgirl for describing Gus’s nipples to a tee. he’s got pepperoni nipples. hee hee. giddy with laughter.

okay…Adam living with his “mommy and daddy” is something i think is nuts, but at least it’s something i can understand. BUT, the fact that his mother’s clipped his toenails for him??!!! I hope Rebecca met him when he was 5 🙂

i HATE that there are so many chances for everyone to catch up – everyone gets on the same plane and stores don’t open until a certain time. There seem to be little advantages for being ahead. it truly seems that as long as you are not in LAST place, you are totally fine.

I love Kris and Jon. They totally don’t care about anything – they just seem really happy to be there. When everyone was getting flustered and scared in Africa, they were all, “we love it!” and when they realized that the place opened at 7 and not 10, they didn’t yell at each other or freak out. and then ended up in first. i hope they win.

Kendra makes me laugh.

Don and MJ make me smile – although much less so this week, after hearing Don’s heaving sounds on the boat. I ask, was that REALLY necessary? we got the point that he was sick. and that he loves his wife. aw.

and Jonathan makes me want to cry. what as ass.

  1. i LOVE kris and jon too – i hope they win. (doesn’t kris look like juanita??? not in pics, but on the show.)
    don and mj – they desreved to stay. i did a little dance for them when they weren’t eliminated. they’re the best old(er) people yet! my heart goes out to them.
    but, you missed the best line of last night’s show, when Rebecca said to Adam:
    “Adam, I don’t have time to babysit my girlfriend anymore.”
    That was hysterical. Adam and his furry hat to a tee!

    Comment by matin on December 8, 2004
  2. you are right! that was an awesome line…i can’t believe i forgot that!

    Comment by Ali on December 9, 2004
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