November 19 04

i did manage to watch a ridiculous amount of tv last night. I’m not watching Survivor at all, but since my hubby is, he watched and i scrapbooked, so i managed to get a glimpse of what’s going on on that show. and, honestly, last night’s episode made me glad that i stopped watching after 3 episodes. Why, oh why are they all afraid of Ami?? They NEED to vote her off. Especially because she said that she fully expects to be in the final 2. Hello, dumbasses, that should be your first clue. She’s got them all wrapped around her basoomas.

oh, and then there’s the Apprentice. brilliant. absolutely brilliant. and kudos to my husband who somehow managed to know that Trump was going to fire them both. I’m still thinking that he read it somewhere. it’s never been done before, how could he possibly think that would happen? but either way, it was GREAT. my favorite line of the night was when Wes said he wished he got his own cab! I’m not sorry to see Maria go. Her blinking was bothering the hell out of me. Jennifer is winning this game. You heard it here first. Now she’s got Donald Trump thinking that she’s amazing. but that was great with the “busy work” that they gave her because she didn’t understand the concepts. ha! GREAT episode. loved it.

The OC. is it just me or is Lindsey just a nicer looking version of Andrea Zuckerman? Think about it. Smart girl with an attitude. Thinks everyone at school plays water polo??!! i do recall Andrea assigning Brandon to cover a girl’s water polo match in the first episode. Lindsey dislikes Ryan because she thinks he is rich, where, in fact, he’s not rich, he just runs with the rich. same as Brandon. oh, i love it! It’s also kind of nice to see Ryan with someone other than Marissa, especially since now Marissa and KiKi Kirsten are stepsisters!! So, what does that make Seth….Marissa’s nephew? Also, i’m not sure how i feel about Seth’s new flock-of-seagulls-hair boss. She looks a little bit like a cartoon character to me.

oh…good tv last night…

  1. Iknow it’s a little late… but on the topic of Daniel Cook – I figured it fell under the TV theme…

    Comment by Giblet on November 19, 2004
  2. i don’t get it….what are you saying?? (in my best howard stern what are you saying impression…)

    Comment by Ali on November 19, 2004

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