November 19 04

Q1: 30,000 people gathered in Little Rock, Arkansas, for the opening of the $165,000,000 William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park. Have you ever been to a presidential library? If not, which presidential library would you be most inclined to go out of your way to visit?

Q2: If you had your own radio show, what format would it be? Would you go it alone or have sidekicks? Would you just spin records, or would you host a talk show? If music, what kind would you play? If talk radio, what topics would you focus on?

Q3: Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, which has traditionally been the start of the holiday shopping season. How much of your 2004 holiday shopping have you already completed?

Q4: If you arrived in the same amount of time, would you rather take the short way slow or the long way fast?

Here are my answers:
Q1: As far as i know, i’ve never been to one. most likely the Kennedy Library… The Nixon one isn’t really a library is it? does it count? cuz i’d like to go there too.
Q2: definitely have sidekicks…i’m not funny enough to do it alone. it wouldn’t just be music and wouldn’t just be talk – — it would be a good miz of awesome music and lots of talk about pop culture and entertainment.
Q3: how much completed? um…zero. well, my husband did buy the shrek 1&2 package dvd’s for the kids for an early chanukah gift. but as far as other gifts…not even close yet…
Q4: definitely the long way fast. I hate traffic and i hate chaos and congestion – – – i would take the longer way as long as i’m moving.

  1. 1) Yes, I’ve been to the Nixon library. It was interesting. I don’t any of the Presidential librariers are actual “librariers” in the strict sense. But since I’ve only been to one – what do I know?

    2) I would need sidekicks. I like to talk but sometimes I need conversation starters. I’d also play music, probably musical interludes of favorite songs – mostly oldies. The talk topics would be, surprisingly, everything under the sun. 🙂

    3) Thanks to my wife I had to break with years of tradition and stop waiting until Christmas eve to do my shopping. But that doesn’t mean any is done – at least that I know of. Which I guess doesn’t really mean anything.

    4) Long way fast. I usually do this in Southern California if I can because I would rather be moving. Unfortunately for my current daily commute there is not fast long way. Only a slow short way and an equally slow long way. Ugh.

    Comment by Sean on November 19, 2004
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