September 24 04

So, when is it no longer considered appropriate to undress in front of your children? And when do I have to stop bathing my son and daughter together?

I guess I’m less worried about Emily seeing me in my altogether. I think it might be good for her to get a good look and understand – “honey, this is what genetics is going to give you too. I’m sorry.”

But, I had an incident with Josh not too long ago (I totally can’t remember if I blogged about it or not – but since my husband managed to tell every single person he knows, it’s become something of a public story) where I was changing his diaper in a towel and it slipped off. He stared at me while I changed him and then pointed and said, “What’s that?” So, I said, “Joshie, that’s a vagina.” and he did this little shudder and said, “ooh…scary.” I’ll admit it – I was laughing my ass off. It was too funny. But, somewhere, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking maybe I’m no longer all that comfortable with my son being scared of my body parts.

He’s not even 2 yet and most likely doesn’t even know the difference. But, is there some sort of parent code that lets you know when you need to start covering up?

  1. A question that’s already entered my mind – and my daughter hasn’t even reached two month’s yet. I’m starting to think that when they’re old enough to remember what they saw it’s time to end the peep show. I doubt your son will remember what he saw next week, never mind when he’s five.

    Comment by Sean on September 24, 2004
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