September 27 04

So, after spending a week in the zone I haven’t lost a single pound….and I’m not at all upset. I know you are thinking, how can this be? Me, not upset about my weight????

Well, here’s what’s going on one week in:
~I feel great. 1000% times more energy.
~I’m not hungry all the time, which I was before I went into the zone. I was hungry 20 minutes after I ate every meal. Now, sometimes, I have to force myself to eat.
~I look good – – – I can’t believe I’m willing to admit this. But, after careful inspection into the mirror, the zone and the gym are beginning to work together to help me trim the fat. The bulges above my ass seem to be diminishing, and I can almost see some abdominal definition! Ah! My life-long dream of washboard abs could be a reality.

I’m going to attempt to stay in the zone for a while and see what it does for me. I, mean, after all, Jennifer Aniston is a zone woman. And who wouldn’t want to have her body???

I will have to stock up while I’m in the states, because Canada is seriously lacking in the zone product department – all we have here is zoneperfect bars, which I like, but I’m looking to get some Balance products. I hear they are amazing, and it will give me a little variety.

  1. here’s a little net encouragement and support. the energy you get from working out and eating better is a thousand times more important than losing any kind of weight. i totally agree. go on 🙂

    Comment by Sam on September 27, 2004

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