November 30 04

On Saturday night, my husband took me out for a surprise date. Knowing how little I like surprises (and being out of control), he took great pleasure in NOT telling me where we were going.

He said it was voted the 6th most romantic places in Toronto. Now…I’m wondering why I wasn’t even good enough for top five…just joking. I’m completely pleasantly surprised that he’s taking me out. it’s so rare that we go out, just the two of us. it’s actually so rare that we even see each other these days. With our hectic schedules – between sports, meetings, and him being in Washington, we seem to be spending more time apart than time together.

So, he took me to this place called the Lula Lounge. and it was awesome. At 9:00, they have a salsa dancing teacher come out onto the dance floor and give an hour-long salsa dancing class, which, by the way, was great! It was so much fun to try to learn all the moves and laugh at the clumsiness of people around us. I think by the end we were actually dancing…probably. Then at 10, they brought out a live Cuban band. The only negative thing was that it was very very loud, and really hard to hear each other.

oh, and then there was the matter of the thong that he slipped into my purse and forced me to go into the bathroom to change. Yes, exactly what I wanted to do, get undressed in a Cuban bar. But, since I’m so obliging – I did it. I hope he appreciated it, because I certainly appreciated my night out.

  1. Wow, thanks for the thong report, I think. 🙂

    Speaking of which, maybe your husband would be interested in this.

    Comment by Sean on November 30, 2004

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