August 21 06

every once in a while, i will race out of the house in the morning and forget my cell phone. and then i feel naked all day. anyone who knows me can tell you that i’m NOT a phone person. email, yes, but the phone? not for me. but i like to have it with me. just in case. it’s a control thing with me (as most things in my life are…)
so, imagine how i felt yesterday when my internet was down for the entire day.
no email. no blogging. my pictures couldn’t make it onto flickr. i even had to resort to looking up a phone number in an actual phone book. (who knew i even had one?)
what’s more naked than naked? well…whatever it is, that’s what yesterday felt like.
and it wasn’t even working this morning because the husband and i got home too late last night (from a night that felt like high school, almost. hi guys – you dared me to work “wall”ing and jack and ilana’s shed into my post, but since this is a pg kind of site, okay, pg-13, that’s all you’re going to get.) to attempt to find the problem.

random bit #1
My friends Becca and Elan were in from Chicago this weekend. I haven’t seen them in, like, 3 years. not since she was pregnant with her 2nd, and now she has 3. it’s been a long time. but we have long history, those two and i.
They were two of my best friends in high school. and we were roommates in Israel for an entire year.
what’s amazing is how there are some people that you can go without seeing for years and years, and then when you get together, you pick off right where you left off. it was so…i don’t know…normal. there was no awkwardness. no weirdness.
and i took great, great pleasure in watching our two oldest daughters hit it off like best friends. like they’d known each other for years. like things have come full circle.
but, i wish we lived in the same place. i wish that Emily and Gabrielle could have the chance to be friends the way Becca and I were friends. i wish Becca and I could have the chance to be friends the way we used to.
it was great seeing her. i hope it’s not another 3 years. because it’s just too damn long.

random bit #2
on Saturday morning he picked an outfit for Emily to wear.
me: honey, this skirt is wool
him: it’s what?
me: wool.
him: so
me: as in, winter.
him: yeah
me: and it’s August. and this is a polo. doesn’t go.

my children have a ridiculous amount of clothing. no, seriously. my mother has a shopping sickness (so, now it’s clear where i get it from. see? it’s not my fault, it’s genetic). They have drawers and closets full of clothing that they don’t need, items that still have tags because there aren’t enough days in the season to wear them all. they have shearling coats, and burberry dresses, and juicy sweatpants. they have skirts, and shirts, and pants, and dresses, and jumpers, and sweaters. Some are gorgeous. (so gorgeous that they sit in said drawers and closets because i’m too afraid to put them on my kids – who, once dressed, can’t stay clean for more than a minute and a half) some are hideous (so hideous that they sit in said drawerd and closets because i’m too afraid to take them out in public in them. note to my mother: just because they are a fancy name brand or come from some chic boutique in Scottsdale, it doesn’t mean they are NICE).

Whenever my husband gets the children dressed – which i’ll admit, is nice of him to do, since getting three children dressed is never an easy task – he never quite gets it right.
he likes to put them in things that they never wear. yes, dear, there’s a reason that they never wear them…
he likes to put together interesting combinations – like a wool $150 skirt with a $15 polo “camp” t-shirt.
he likes to save the good stuff “for best”. this is a concept he learned from his father. when you buy nice, new things, you put them away for best and don’t wear them.
he likes to put them, my son mostly, in pants that are too short. and there’s not much worse than too-short pants. (that’s not true. there’s nothing worse than pants that are MEANT to be too short for boys, as in capri pants, yikes! who decided that boys should be wearing capris. um. no. i don’t think so).
what about all of you? how do your men fare when they dress the kids??

random bit #3
let’s discuss this ensemble, shall we?

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