August 22 06

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(my daughter can certainly pull off a hat better than Britney…don’t you think?)

okay, looking at this rootin-tootin’ photo, i have a question for you all, and for baby gap. why on earth would you make a sleeper with a collar?? do these people think that i have the time to IRON the collars of my children’s sleepwear? do these people think that i even know where my iron is?? There is zero chance that this sucker is going to stay down, so instead is starts to creep up around her face and neck. surely, this can’t be comfortable…and it’s certainly not fashionable.

we won’t talk about the fact that i’m still squeezing my giant baby into sleepers that are 3-6 months in size, even though she’s as big as a 2-year-old…i ask you to just turn your head the other way and not judge. please. it’s all under control and i have a plan. Wentworth Miller and i have a plan.

… .. .. . .. …. … … .. ….
…. .. .. . … . .. .. … .
.. … . … … . .. .

i’m just fresh out of cranes, so it sort of loses its effect.
(oh, and ps…Haley? i take it back. he’s hot. he just has a really annoying hairline.)


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