July 22 05

i don’t know if it’s because i’m at the end of my pregnancy, but everything is beginning to annoy me.

i argued with the husband all the way to the subway this morning.
the kids were grating at my every nerve this morning.
and my nanny has completely pissed me off.

as i was getting the kids ready to go this morning, she asked me (in my frazzled state) if she could go to the mall once the kids are in camp. she said it was because she “wanted to buy something.” WHAT THE HELL?

Firstly, it’s friday. as of 5 o’clock this afternoon, she’s completely free until monday morning at 8 am. surely she could find some time in there to buy whatever it is she wanted to buy.

Secondly, this is the second time this week she’s asked me to go somewhere during work hours. on monday it was the bank because she needed money, she said. i said fine on Monday, but i am not happy if this is going to become a habit.

and lastly, the fact that she’s asking me leads me to believe that while i was still working, she was slacking when the kids were in camp. she was for sure going to the bank (to take out money to support the mall habit, no doubt) and the mall.

i’m not happy.
i don’t think i’m wrong to be upset about this.
i know i have to say something to her. i just can’t. i have such a hard time with these things.
the husband says that at the end of the day, she’s my employee and if i continue to give her an inch, she’s going to take a foot. he’s right. it’s just too hard to do.

i can’t be the boss.


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