June 8 06

this morning the kiddies were all in my bed and the husband and i were getting ready for work.
i overheard this:
“Stop it, Emily!”
“Josh. you go to Daddy’s side. i want to be on Mommy’s side.”
“I don’t want to be on Daddy’s side because he stinks.”
“Is that because he sleeps naked?”

that was funny.


last night Emily was in her room, playing before bed.
i overheard this:
singing, in tune, “Once upon a lookin’ for Donna time, she was a 16 year old Mansion. Oh, Donna, oh oh Donna, oh oh oh, Lookin’ for my Donna.”
anyone who has ever seen or listened to Hair knows that the word is not Mansion, but Virgin.

that was also funny.

my kids are a riot.
i can’t get enough of them.


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