November 17 04

(yes, that’s the mcdonald’s commerical song…come on…you know you were singing it in your head when you read the words…)

anyway, i’m totally LOVIN’ the amazing race. it’s great. there are sooooo many couples that are interesting to watch. yay. so many i will love (Kris and Jon), so many i will love to make fun of (Adam and Rebecca), and so many i will love to hate (Lori and Bolo)….and then there’s Jonathan and Victoria. They get their own category. What the hell?!!! i didn’t think we could get any worse than Colin and Christie….but…once again, the folks at TAR pulled through and brought us someone who makes Colin look NORMAL.

highlights from episode 1: diesel, again,…what morons, the Scotland comments, Lori and Bolo performing their wrestling tricks on the snow, Bolo calling Lori a dumbass redneck, Avi…or was it Joe..singing “New York Jews in Iceland”, my implants are frozen…, icelandic boat driver telling Jonathan to “step aside”

But, my absolute most favorite part of the show was when Adam and Rebecca ask who is behind them and they realize it’s the models and they say, “I like the models.” Meanwhile, the models are in the middle of saying that “hellboy and his girlfriend are4 foot 2 and they are munchkins and are going to have trouble ice climbing.” classic.

I’m so excited for this season!!! yay!

  1. The grandparents are sooooo cute and how impressed were you with their ice climbing?
    Freddy and Kendra are so hot.
    Mr Verbal-Abusive-Yellow-Jacket Man NEEDS to be ditched.

    Comment by matin on November 17, 2004
  2. So, I’m on the internet, doing a little research…is ADAM on the amazing race for real? Or is it all an elaborate acting game to help the pair get on the show…I have to question this because how does a guy that has his mother clip his toenails get such a beautiful girlfriend?? It doesn’t happen. It can’t be true…do you think?? I was doing my research, and ran across your website talking about the show…what craziness…I’m gonna find out of it’s true or not…so far I can’t find any site that goes in-depth about the couple…it’s so much easier when people come from somewhere other than LA because their local papers will do a story on them or something…

    Comment by Anonymous on December 8, 2004

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