May 2 05

~~Wow, just when i thought the Lynette-hate couldn’t get any worse…she goes and pulls a stunt like this. She needs to grow up…and seek some therapy.

~~anyone else catch the “HAFTS” agency shout out to SHAFT??? ha! love it!

~~Personally, if i were Gabrielle, i wouldn’t have told Carlos that i was pregnant. but that’s just me. if she knows he did it, it would just give him the satisfaction of knowing that he succeeded.

~~When they showed Zach playing with the lighter, are we to assume that he lit the fire in Susan’s house?? He is crazy, but i didn’t think he would set the house on fire…

~~”Zach, you’re not that special.” Wow! Paul REALLY is evil!

~~loved the pool scene. but, George still gives the heeby-jeebees.

~~my favorite scene, though, was the clueless guy at the coffee machine during the lynette and ginger catfight. hilarious!

~~and my second favorite…”Yes, I know taking the pill is a sin. It’s a 99.9% effective sin.”


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