May 2 05

loving Grey’s Anatomy???

first of all, i’m in love with Patrick Dempsey. i’m adding him to my pretend celebrity boyfriend list. see it here. (sorry, you’ll have to scroll down a little bit…i still don’t know how to link it directly….help someone!!!). I’m taking out Josh Hartnett (since he was a bit of a push…) and adding Patrick Dempsey.

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also, the gigantic tumor? awesome! i saw this lady on Oprah who had the same exact thing and had it removed. it was 90 freakin’ pounds. insane!

and the patient overhearing the doctor thing? even though it was done years ago on Chicago Hope (anyone remember Christine Lahti commenting on the size of the patient’s penis….a classic!) – i LOVED it.

ah…this is a good show. i think i may have enjoyed it more than Desperate Housewives last night.

did i just write that??? 🙂


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