October 29 04

I absolutely can’t wait until November 16th. The 6th season of The Amazing Race is going to be great!!

I mean, honestly, how can it not? There’s the Jewish friends, the Mormon sisters, the pro wrestlers, the ex-CIA agent and his daughter, the token senior couple, and some models/actors/waiters(aka unemployed people).

After reading the bios, i’m most interested in learning about Lena and Kristy, the Mormon sisters from Utah. I ask you, though, how Mormom can you be when one of you is 26 and is a single mom to an 8-year-old, and the other is a former striptease aerobics teacher?? I know a few people, males in particular, who may be jumping on the Mormom bandwagon…

And what’s with Adam’s hair? i just don’t get it.

  1. Those sisters would be “fallen away” Mormons. I’ll bet the Mormon church gets all huffy about these girls being on this show and telling people their Mormon. I remember a Real World episode where a girl in the house got expelled from BYU for sleeping in the same room as a boy – in seperate beds! on the show.

    I’ve never actually seen this show. My mom loves it and is trying to get me and my wife to watch it. We’re Survivor fans, but that show has been a pretty big let down this season.

    Comment by Sean on October 29, 2004
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