August 5 05

last night i wake up at 3 to hear, “Mommy, i need a towel.”
oh crap.
i was, which is so rare these days, in a comfortable place in bed and was actually sleeping, so you can imagine my disappointment and frustration.

The truth is, the reason the boy had his first night-time accident EVER was entirely my fault. he had woken up several times between 10:30-11:30, and was asking for milk. Since the husband was at hockey and I was alone and tired, I gave in and gave him the sippy cup of milk. I also took some pity on him since he had eaten hot dogs for dinner (yes, i’m the WORST parent, my son eats hot dogs) and I figured he was probably very thirsty.

so, we washed him up, stripped his bed, and he spent the rest of the night with us, which meant, of course, that everyone slept comfortably, everyone but me. I tossed and turned but had such trouble getting comfy or turning over because i a) didn’t want to smother my son and b) didn’t want to wake him.

and, surprise surprise, the girl, who has been sleeping way past 7 these past few weeks decided this morning was the day she was going to get up at 6:30. great. and complain nonstop how starving she is (“Mommy, my stomach is so hungry its eating itself….i wanna go downstairs….i wanna go downstairs…) so at 7 i finally gave in and rounded up the troops and took us all downstairs.

and here’s a question for ya’ll. how come i can’t leave my two children alone for 30 seconds without someone yelling or crying or hurting the other one??? this morning, i dared to think i could excuse myself for 1 minute to pee, and i wasn’t gone for 25 seconds and the screaming started. joshie had colored on emily’s ariel picture. so Emily, naturally, did what she does best. had a full out panic/screaming/crying/whining fit. all for a stupid print-out that i could duplicate in a heartbeat. why can’t she just say, “mommy, Joshie ruined my picture…can you print me up another one?” why does there have to be so much screaming?? my ears can’t take it anymore.

Oy. It’s going to be a long morning.


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