August 8 05

i’m still pregnant.
Emily told me not to worry. she said, “mommy, the baby is coming on wednesday. it’s on my calendar.” well, well, well. if it’s on her calendar, who am i to argue? wonder if she’ll be right…people always say kids have a sixth sense…(and not in a creepy Haley Joel Osment way..)

i’m actually quite saddened by the news that Peter Jennings has died. I grew quite fond of him on September 11th – i thought his coverage was the best and was glued to him for several days. Since then, i’ve had a little crush on him. It’s very sad. he was only 67.

but this cheered me up and even made me laugh a little bit:
Image hosted by
I will never be able to watch him in anything again without snickering. oh, Sam-wise, whatever were you thinking?


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