March 2 05

the goods:
Mikalah – very very good. loved her. and she looked fantastic. more Minnie Driver and less Babs this week.
Nadia – um, it was just a’ight for me, man. but i like her a lot.
Amanda – bit improvement from last week. i actually almost liked her.
Carrie – she didn’t go a GREAT job, but i’ve never heard anyone do Janis Joplin like Janis Joplin.

the mehs:
Lindsay – meh
Celena – meh
Vonzell – meh

the bads:
Aloha – not good.
Jessica – i can’t look at her without thinking that she looks way too much like Miss Piggy. Best. Vocals. Ever.? Simon? you need to get yourself a hearing aid. she was not good, my friends. not good.
Janay – like a baby deer caught in headlights. it’s time to put this one to rest, sweetie. you are not good.

  1. My gf is obsessed with this show.

    Comment by ScLeCo on March 3, 2005

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