July 27 04

…i was running late this morning, which is usually the case when one of the children attaches himself on to me and Jhoanne has to peel him off, and when it’s raining.

I was stopped at the light at New Westminster and Clark (about a minute and half from my house) for like 10 minutes. From where i was, i could see 6 firetrucks, at least 8 police cars, an ambulance, and a smashed up minivan. i was surprised that there was such a huge turnout for just a smashed minivan.

Holy hell – when i moved up a bit, i saw a city bus sitting in one of my neighbor’s backyards. It had smashed through the wall that separates my subdivision and the fairly busy Clark, and was literally parked in their backyard. i couldn’t see whether or not it had actually driven into their house, but oh man, was this crazy.


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