July 26 04

while we were in NC, we stopped in this little one-street town called Brevard. We walked in and out of most of the shops quicker than you can say “small-town livin'” but we did spend a significant amount of time in this adorable shop. It had everything from candles to cookware to children’s toys. I found a book that i wanted to buy, remembered the name – at the time, and planned to pick up a copy when i got home.

and now, for the life of me, i can’t remember what the book was called. i remember the cover being purple, the book being written by a British woman, and it being kind of tongue-in-cheeck Bridget Jones-y type humor.

If anyone out there can help me out at all….i will be forever in your debt!

  1. http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/store/smp_inside.html?cart=32998371661824247&sku=HL.309818&page=cover

    Comment by Giblet on July 26, 2004
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