November 9 04

“Raj, you’re fired.”
Classic Raj. Moments after being fired by Donald Trump, he asked The Apprentice 2’s secretary, Robin, for her phone number. And I guess it worked, because according to Raj, he went out with her this past Friday night!
Although the bow-tied smooth-talker was starting to grow on me, Trump didn’t want him to stick around. And, ultimately, Raj thinks the Donald made the right decision. “I lost a real estate task to a wedding planner, and I’m in the real estate business. I think Trump fired me because, without even looking at the stinking pygmy bedroom I had to work with, the very idea of taking a four-bedroom house and making it a three-bedroom house was bad.”


oh, Desperate Housewives, my oh-so guilty pleasure. I heart this show so much.
Bree, with her delivery on those lines. When she said, “To be honest, the only thing I don’t like about sex is the scrotum. I mean obviously it has its practical applications but I’m just not a fan,” at the restaurant, I almost peed my pants. Oh, and Lynette, where oh where have your other two kids gone? But, i love you – I love that you found good use for the medication you didn’t want to give to your boys! gotta love the drugs. And Gabrielle, you sneaky one…too bad Mama Solis is onto you – she knows about your boy toy – this is NOT going to be pretty. but, it’s too quick. Carlos is going to kill John. I heard a rumor that someone dies in the next few weeks. my money is on Johnny boy. And Susan, she lands her man, and finally lands better, less stringy hair. Go you!
I can’t get enough. I NEED more of this show!

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