April 28 06

Greg’s Coconut Phone revisited AKA Survivor

~~Cirie is amazing. she is in complete control of this game…but is seemingly flying completely under the radar. she’s totally going to win this thing. ah, and i was smiling from ear to ear at her fish catch. Really, her glee at catching the fish — and then being scared of it while still gleeful — was adorable.
~~he…and best line of the night? “Captain America’s been swimming around out there for 3 weeks…NOTHIN’!” Bwah!
~~Courtney was starting to grow on me and i really would have liked to have seen Shane or Aras bite it…but alas, Danielle is a lot less smart that i thought she was. she was better off voting off Aras and keeping Courtney…
~~yay, Bruce. it was so nice to see all the clapping when he came out.
~~Terry wins a car and seals his fate. and how come that wasn’t mentioned at all?
~~Everyone’s faces at tribal? priceless! okay…and why does no one want to take loony Shane to the final 2??? i think everyone has a shot to win against him! (although he might come to their shitty apartments and kill them…)

MMM…Rigottoni….AKA the OC

~~Big Korea was amazing – when those 2 girls screamed and clapped I fell out of my chair.
~~drunk Summer dancing. he. and falling off the stage. he. can we put an order in for more drunk Summer scenes??
~~Loved Summer’s dig at Anna’s hair.
~~i couldn’t heart Seth more, i think. “Has anybody got a towelette?!” and “We’ll kiss….later.” and only answering to Boba Fett. heeee.
~~ooh, and Taylor…”He has this amazingly hairless body like a seal.”
~~Holy random Lisa Tucker. what the hell was that? i guess it was like George Lucas in last year’s prom episode.
~~I’m completely 100% meh about Theresa.
~~who the F^&$ck is Kevin? 🙂

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