January 20 05

so, last night i plopped myself in front of my tv and watched all the shows i’d pvr’ed. it was so nice to just relax and do NOTHING. i feel like i’m always running around.

The Amazing Race
I swear i don’t even know where to begin on this one. This might have been my most favorite episode of the season. There was much whooping, clapping, and all around breathing a sigh of relief when Jonathan and Victoria stepped on the Amazing Carpet and were Philiminated. I’m not sure who was happier…me or Phil. The look on his face was just classic.

Okay..Rebecca’s “too many questions” line…rude! i have a question, Rebecca. Why on earth would you try to HELP Jonathan and Victoria???? Why wouldn’t you yield them, assuring their elimination. If they felt they needed to yield someone, the team in last place is the one to yield. see, it would assure that A&R wouldn’t come in last, and once ass and Victoria were eliminated, there wouldn’t be anyone left to be angry with you for yielding.

okay, Adam’s little break-down hissy-fit? what was that all about? he’s such a freak-show, i can’t even handle it. but, for some reason, i still want them to win. And i’m not sure why, i got a huge kick out of the line, “I’ve never placed a jug on a roof before.”

Kendra…oh Kendra…“It’s gonna be all…third-world. We just CAME from the third world.” and “It’s like these people actually CHOOSE to be this way.”

Bolo needs to get hooked on phonics. I kind of liked how “Nice” rhymed with “Rice”
though. i’ll forgive him, though, since he’s lost 20 pounds and can still lift a donkey. and Phil…“You guys just…really don’t smell so good right now.”

My love for Aaron grows this week when he says, “I’m good at leading asses” and motions to Hayden. hit. the. nail. on. the. head. did you catch Hayden when she woke up in the airport. i was dying.

not much kris and jon this week. here’s to hoping Jon takes his shirt off next week.

American Idol
okay…here’s who i laughed at:
~Mary Roach – holy heck, she’s creepy as hell.
~Derek Braxton (sure he’s related to Toni…)
~Jesse, the Josh Groban guy. here’s a tip – don’t audition with a song you don’t know. or can’t sing.
~5.9 voices
~the triplets. ’nuff said.
~joe with the entourage.
~the cannibal (“we taste like bacon”) with the panic room
~the munchkin/midget….i still don’t think she’s a girl, though…
~Dirk and Adam…how can you NOT laugh at this year’s William Hungs? David Hasselhoff…ha!
~The Brian McKnight Dude (especially when he made Paula choke on her coke)
~The Proud Mary montage. funny.

here’s who i liked:
~Carrie the farmer.
~Obsourne Smith
~Sarah Mather, the Rescue Me girl.

funniest lines 1.”Do you know how hard it is to get a rat job?” (Paula) and 2. “God wants her to be hot.” (Mark McGrath)

  1. oooh…i can’t believe i forgot to add my most favorite part of TAR!!! everyone’s little fake French accents when they got to Nice. Victoria’s being the worst…naturally….”take us to the STATYOO.” hee hee.

    Comment by Ali on January 20, 2005

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