March 25 09

well, this morning started out kind of, um, interesting. i was in my room, dancing naked like i do every morning, but this morning i had a little extra spring in my step…because just post-shower, i noticed a box sitting on my counter. a box from Loralee.


see…you whine enough on twitter, and on facebook, and on your website about the lack of the girl scout cookie in canada and someone finally just wants you to shut the fuck up listens. yes, i know. we have girl guide cookies. and i’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that NO. THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

so, yes, where was i…back to this morning where i may or may no have been dancing. to Spring Awakening. in nothing at all. and then i spotted her. my neighbor. staring back at me. i stared. she stared.


and then i died.

and i still can’t get the spring awakening songs out of my head. going in, i had NO idea what it was about. the ONLY thing i knew was that there was a song called “Mama who Bore Me” because the entire cast of the all!new!90210! bored me with it for the first 8 episodes because, yes! we get it! Annie wants to ACT.


i didn’t realize that there was going to be an excessive use of the word “fuck” and sex and masturbation and suicide and all sorts of fun stuff, which, i guess really isn’t all that monumental, i mean for 2009, but this was written in 1890. talk about a spring awakening!

i guess the little old ladies who went to see it didn’t realize either because overheard in the women’s bathroom during intermission:

“wow. that was nothing like i thought it was going to be. oy, it’s so RACY. and did you see? that young man took his pants off! his mother must be so embarrassed. how is she going to tell everyone at mahjong??”

and i guess the young people didn’t realize either because overheard in the same women’s bathroom during intermission:

“wow. that was nothing like i thought it was going to be. OH MY GOD, MALCHIOR’S ASS! i hope he takes some more off in the second half! and did you know? the dude playing Moritz is KARL from LOST! oh. em. gee. i have to go and email everyone at school! gah!”

(i won’t tell you i was slightly giddy about this too. the karl bit. not the ass bit. well, maybe the ass bit too…)

another thing i’m giddy about this week was the performance of this little girl:


i cannot even express to you in words (or in the $40 DVD i purchased so i can watch her again and again) how incredibly humbled i am to have this child as MY child. She is only just 8, and has the poise and the talent and the drive that i could only dream of. she blew me away. and i cried like a baby.

(Annie from 90210, eat your heart out. emily could run circles around your Wendla)(when she’s old enough to be in a play about scandalous sex) (although she was just in a play about a girl trying to find out which of three men is her father…so i guess there’s that)

  1. They didn’t have Wii in the 1890’s, they needed something to do with all that extra time, guess they did whatever was “handy.”
    HA HA HA.

    Comment by moosh in indy. on March 25, 2009
  2. I am so glad that she did well. $40 for the DVD? Those jerks!

    Comment by WickedStepMom on March 25, 2009
  3. I love you. Oh. Emm. Gee, seriously! If you were to move here (to one of the three houses for sale on my street!), I swear to you I’d not wave if I saw you dancing naked in front of the window. Hell, I’d be ducking away from my own windows half the time! It’s all part of my stellar jams, baby!

    I have a feeling you’ll be spending many years at the theater with your sweet Emily.

    fadkogs last blog post..pucker up, buttercup

    Comment by fadkog on March 25, 2009
  4. oh Ali good for em for doing so great! next time she will be in lead role!

    Comment by LAVENDULA on March 25, 2009
  5. Spring Awakening was the first and only show I have seen on broadway, actually in New York. It was incredible. I want to see more but sadly I don’t live there any more. The music was fantastic.

    Kudos to your little superstar, that is awesome!

    Comment by Hockeyman on March 25, 2009
  6. The girl definitely IS adorable!

    Glad you could get your cookie fix!

    Colleen – Mommy Alwas last blog post..He’s still my bouncing baby boy

    Comment by Colleen - Mommy Alwa on March 25, 2009
  7. For the longest time I couldn’t understand what the big deal was re: Girl Scout Cookies. NOW I DO. Am drooling, so thanks. And hurray for Emily! School performances have changed so much from when I was a kid – the school offers DVDs for sale? That is fancypants!

    Comment by Jen on March 25, 2009
  8. That picture of your daughter is adorable! I’m thrilled that she did so well.

    And by the way, who the hell waves when you see something you shouldn’t? I just hide my face!

    TUWABVBs last blog post..The People Ride in a Hole in the Ground

    Comment by TUWABVB on March 25, 2009
  9. Well, as far as Spring Awakening – I totally knew it has racy themes, how you ask? Because when it premiered on Broadway, my friend was crazy about the guy playing Malchior and I decided to look up the whole soundtrack.

    There is a song called “Totally Fucked” on it.

    I think the waving thing is actually kind of awesome – because even if it was awkward (and I’m sure it was), she acted as though it was any other day.

    Comment by Mari on March 25, 2009
  10. Is your neighbor blind or have bad eyes? Maybe she thought you were dancing in a nude body suit? HA! That is AWESOME that she waved!

    I’m so glad Emily did well, which we all knew she would.

    I now have that Mama who Bore Me song in my head because yes, all I know about Spring Awakening is from 90210.

    Kristabellas last blog post..Bacon Thinks Stupid People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Google

    Comment by Kristabella on March 25, 2009
  11. Can you post her performance? I would LOVE to watch too!

    I guess when you see your neighbour naked and you have eye contact what else can you do but wave :}

    Comment by Jen Maier on March 25, 2009
  12. My daughter, Dani saw Spring Awakening in NYC last summer and she and her friend had seats on the stage! She said it was incredible!

    Your Ali is quite the budding superstar!

    Joanies last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts

    Comment by Joanie on March 25, 2009
  13. Congrats to your little girl.
    I almost cry everytime I see my kid play hockey and he’s not even very good!

    Comment by Teri on March 25, 2009
  14. I don’t like the thin mints. I have yet to try any of the other American GG cookies.
    Congrats to Emily!! Are you able to post any of the dvd on here?
    I feel your pride – Cam plays net for our AA team and got his 5th shut out leading them to the OMHA championship on Monday.

    Christines last blog post..Octo Mad

    Comment by Christine on March 25, 2009
  15. American Girl Guide cookies rock! Oh your girl looks so cute on that stage. Yay for her.

    Comment by Chantal on March 25, 2009
  16. “i was in my room, dancing naked like i always do…” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s awesome. She WAVED. That is pure awesomeness. ANd of course cookies are awesome. Aaaaand Emily = awesome. Ok, I think I can retire the word awesome for a bit. Wouldn’t want to overuse it or anything…

    Katies last blog post..sausage farts

    Comment by Katie on March 25, 2009
  17. I was busted by my entire neighbourhood back east for vacuuming in the nude so… wanna make out?

    Comment by katie ~ motherbumper on March 25, 2009
  18. I dance in my bathroom whilst nekked too, but lucky for me my neighbors are 3 acres away.

    Go Emily! She’s going to be famous one day, I know it.

    Angellas last blog post..How Long To Sing This Song?

    Comment by Angella on March 25, 2009
  19. do you watch the new 90210?? my buddy matt is the new guy in the show… so now i have to start watching it!

    jennsters last blog post..not to knock the giveaways or anything

    Comment by jennster on March 25, 2009
  20. What? No clip of Emily? Seriously?

    Comment by SciFi Dad on March 25, 2009
  21. Dude. Put yer clothes on.

    kgirls last blog post..Here Comes the Night

    Comment by kgirl on March 25, 2009
  22. Will you bring the DVD to BlogHer?

    Comment by slynnro on March 25, 2009
  23. Is it strange to say that I’m so proud of Emily? Because I am.

    Was Spring Awakening by you the same as the Broadway cast (i.e., Silas from Weeds and Disturbingly Young Looking Girl)?

    Comment by metalia on March 25, 2009
  24. Um, where is Miss Emily doing her thang? CLIP, PLEASE!

    Also, I never got to see Spring Awakening =( My friend repped the NYC production and left front row tix for Scott and me once, only never told us. Blah.

    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on March 26, 2009
  25. oh, hell! i would have sent a case of girl scout cookies to you since i had to buy $162.00 worth from our troop.

    next year i’m revolting! my ass can’t take any more thin mints and samoas.

    gorillabunss last blog shopping

    Comment by gorillabuns on March 27, 2009
  26. Seriously, are we going to be able to watch any of Miss Em? Because I NEED to see her perform. LIKE, I WILL DIE IF I DON’T!!!

    Comment by heather... on March 29, 2009

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