March 6 06

Gay Cowboy Montage? funny.
Ben Stiller in a green unitard? not so funny.

George Clooney wins Best Supporting Actor. Charms the crap out of me. impossible not to like.
Rachel Weisz wins Best Supporting Actress.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman wins Best Actor. Even though i love him in EVERYTHING he does (especially boogie nights…) i was hoping for a Joaquin or Heath win.
Reese Witherspoon wins Best Actress. yay. she’s so classy. and she brought Joaquin to tears.

Costume designers always wear the ugliest dresses. how does that even happen?

oy. Lauren Bacall can’t read a teleprompter.
oy. Jennifer Garner almost falls off the stage.

Ang Lee wins best director and makes a “wish i knew how to quit you” joke. he’s not sick of that line, already? it’s like James Cameron saying he’s the king of the world.

In the only surprise of the night….Crash wins best picture. i’m shocked as hell. i was hoping for a brokeback win, since it really was the best movie i’ve seen all year. but i’m happy for the Crash people, since it really was a kick ass movie.

i thought Jon Stewart was funny…mostly because every time i said anything, he was right there with the same joke. i commented about how many montages there were…and there he was, poking fun at the montage. i commented about the entire cast of Crash being there last night, and bada bing, Stewart makes a Crash crack. I commented about it being easier to be a pimp with an oscar in your hand, and yup, you guessed it. maybe i am a little funny after all…


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