July 8 05

i will now be boycotting the chapters at hwy 7 store.
so, today i go in and order my grande coffee frappuccino light.
same as every day. no surprises.

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so, i’m waiting. and waiting.
15 minutes later i realize the trainee – who was moving in completely slow motion – had forgotten my drink. i felt badly because i could see how frustrated and scared she was, but i mean, come one, 15 minutes?

so, i told her that i waiting forever. she apologized and began to make me my drink. i realized when she put the ice in that she used the tall size scoop instead of the grande. so, when she poured it in, she hands it to me and says, “tall coffe frappuccino in a grande cup” to which i replied, “it’s supposed to be a grande.” she gets all flustered and then begins making me a new one.

once she’s finished, she hands it to me and says, “oh, did jason give you a coupon for a free drink?” NO, he didn’t. but, i think that’s the least they can do. so, she goes to ask Jason for one.

“Sorry, we’re all out of them.”

and that was that.
i will not be returning to that store again.


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