January 24 05

sometimes i take pleasure in the simplest of things.

this morning was really tough. Mondays usually are. emily was uncooperative. i couldn’t find her snowpants. i couldn’t find my keys. i couldn’t find the booster. i mean, seriously, how on earth does one lose a booster seat? it’s bigger than my son!

well, i found all three, and we managed to make it to school on time. and it’s only -10 this morning (as opposed to yesterday’s scorching -25). but, needless to say, i was slightly stressed this morning. i can’t handle it when it gets too chaotic. and this morning was all about the chaos.

but, on the my drive to work, i was stopped at a stoplight and looked at the car to my left. a dad was driving and a little girl was sitting in the backseat. she was probably about 5. she flashed me a gigantic smile, and then started waving at me. i don’t know what it was, but for some reason, i began to smile. i waved back. it seriously was just the simplest of gestures, and on some mornings i probably wouldn’t have even noticed her waving and smiling, but this morning it got to me. i’m still smiling.

  1. glad your morning ended on a more positive note!
    minus 25!! and they expect you to go to work and school??!! lol!

    Comment by chisparoja on January 24, 2005
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