January 21 05

Okay, feeding my daughter has always been a pleasure.
I mean, yes, we have to occasional whine that she wants to eat in the family room…which i think is because my nanny lets her eat in the family room when i am not around. but, for the most part, she’s willing to try things, and if she doesn’t like them, she puts them on the side of her plate. a pleasure.

my son, on the other hand, eats the following things: hot dogs, pasta (plain…with NOTHING on it) or out of the macaroni and cheese box, the occasional chicken leg, grilled cheese, cream cheese or peanut butter on crackers, cheerios, and junk food (this catergory includes sugar-cereals, which he only gets on saturdays, cookies, candy etc.).

everything else gets the same reaction. “yuck. ich. it stinks like.” accompanied by a scrunched up sour-looking face. no joke.

i cannot get this child to eat dinner. he’d rather drink his meals. he’s obsessed with milk, and would have 10 cups of milk a day, if i’d let him.

i guess the other problem is that my nanny is NOT adventurous with his meals. she gives him macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese. every day. for lunch. i also have no clue what she’s giving him snack and drink-wise while i’m at work. is it rude to ask her to keep a list of what he’s eating?

will this get easier, or am i destined to have a picky eater for the rest of my life? Please, dear god, don’t give me one like my little brother (who spent his high school years living on defrosted frozen food – waffles, pancakes and pizza bagels)

  1. Rude? By no means. This is your child, not hers. I would give her a list of what your son is to have and not have, and make her stick to it. Give her a menu of options she can choose from, and tell her she can only feed him hot dogs, mac & cheese, etc. like twice a week for lunch. Anyway, don’t let me tell you how to raise your child. Bottom line, I don’t think its rude to ask what she’s feeding your son.

    Your son will eat anything you put in front of him if he’s hungry enough – that’s how my wife got me eating eggplant (no she didn’t starve me, but it seemed that the eggplant was strategically served on nights when I got home really late from work ready to eat my shoes I was so hungry).

    Comment by Sean on January 21, 2005
  2. i agree. it’s not rude, it’s called you’re the employer and more importantly, the mother. if you’re up for it, you could just make a menu for her. that’s what i do for my daughter’s daycare. she’s severely allergic to dairy and i swear, if i didn’t prepare a monthly menu, all they’d give her is chicken nuggets. sounds like you’re really feeling poorly about this nanny from your recent posts. maybe it’s time to sit down with her and go over each of your expectations?

    as for picky eaters – there’s hope – i refused to eat dinner all the time as a kid. i was so picky that i even picked the cheese off pizza. keep offering those choices and as sean said, he’ll eat it when he’s hungry and he knows nothing’s coming in its place. good luck!! 🙂 🙂

    Comment by chisparoja on January 24, 2005
  3. thanks guys.
    the truth is, i think my nanny is great. it’s just i’ve got lots of trouble delegating resposibility to anyone. i get this from my mother. i have the mentality that if i want it to get done the way i want it to be, i have to do it myself.
    so, when i have to rely upon a nanny to be there during the day…when i can’t be there…of course i’m going to nitpick.
    the thing, though, is that both my kids are in love with her, which, to me, is the best indication that it’s working.
    are there things i’m not happy with? of course. but these are all fixable.
    i decided that i will ask her to keep a list of what she’s feeing him…because my DOCTOR wants us to keep it! see, then it keeps me innocent, and it’s gets the results i want! perfect!

    Comment by Ali on January 24, 2005
  4. I think it would be a mistake to tell your nanny the doctor wants the food list. I don’t know much about kids, but that sounds fishy even to me. I imagine your nanny will see right through it and know that it is you who wants the list but don’t want to ask for it.

    In my humble opinion, I think a better course would be to tell her – in front of your kids, that you want a list of what they’re eating, including snacks, every day. You don’t need to give a reason other than that you want it. And if you decide to tell her in front of your kids, perhaps they’ll cut down on asking for junk food all on their own knowing it will get reported to you. Perhaps not. Either way, I think being direct is the way to go.

    Comment by Sean on January 24, 2005
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