February 28 05

i’m having the worst day…and it’s only 9:22. not a good sign, I’d say.

This morning the girl was super attached and starting wailing when i left her in my bed to go take a shower. she gave me nothing but grief all morning about wanting treats and wanting me to bead with her. Finally, at 8, i raced upstairs to get ready for work, but as i was walking up the stairs, the boy woke up.

so, i had to go get him out of his room, change him and get him his milk. so, i didn’t get into my room until 8:20 – which didn’t leave me much time to get dressed, blow my hair dry and put on my make-up before 8:40, when i needed to leave the house.

when i came down at 8:35 (with make-up bag in hand…didn’t have time) the girl was wearing her jacket and hat, but she was wearing a skirt – AND NO TIGHTS. What on earth was my nanny thinking. it’s below 0 outside !!! and, she had a big pink hair pony in her hair, but she was wearing a red shirt. and jhoanne didn’t even brush her hair (she had slept in that pony).

so, six minutes later we raced out of the house, only to find that the husband left for work with one of my carseats. grrr. so, i was already late, and now i had to deal with this.

so, i moved Emily’s seat to one of the sides and put her in the middle without a carseat, because i’d rather it be my kid without one, since it was my fault that i didn’t have it. so i had to figure out how to fit these giant Diamond kids into my small carseats.

Needless to say we were late for school, and got the furthest spot in the lot. terrific.

so, i finally got to work, applied my make-up in the parking lot, praying that no one saw me. got to my desk and realized that a file that i’d sent from my home computer didn’t show up. great. i needed it today…grrrr….

and i forgot my lunch.

so, yeah, it’s going to be a winner of a day…i can already tell…


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