February 28 05

Winning in 4 of the top categories – movie, director (Clint Eastwood, leaving a heartbroken Scorsese 0-5 in this category), best actress (Hilary Swank…um. duh), and best supporting actor (Morgan Freeman), it was Million Dollar Baby’s night last night.

At first i was worried that I hosted a beading night at my house ON OSCAR NIGHT. what was i thinking? surely it was social suicide! and i wouldn’t get Holylwood’s biggest night. aha. but, alas, i have tivo. and got to watch the entire telecast in about 25 minutes. IT WAS FANTASTIC.

I must say, i was a bit skeptical about Chris Rock hosting the Oscars. i was going to miss Billy Crystal’s opening movie montage. but, dare i say it, Chris Rock was FUNNY! i enjoyed him. He did push the envelope a little too far when he said Tom CRuise was a real star and Jude Law was not. Excuse me??? Jude Law is three times the star Tom Cruise is!!!

and what was with not allowing the lowly winners in categories we don’t care about to even come up on stage??? hello? and forcing some of the nominees to stand behind the presenter? what was that all about?

I was a little disappointed that Natalie Portman didn’t win best supporting actress – and by the way, she looked GORGEOUS – but i thought Cate Blanchett deserved it.

Sideshow Bob made a surprise apprearance last night when at the last minute Adam Duritz failed to show up to sing, “Accidentally in Love.”

Sideways wins best adapted screenplay. and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind wins best original screenplay.

Jamie Foxx wins best actor. Not surprising. after all, he played a blind person (and if you remember, oscar loves the disability). he gave a touching speech. i cried. i’ll admit it. but, i’m pregnant. When he said that his grandmother talks to him in his dreams, and he can’t wait to go to sleep tonight. ah. sobbed like a school-girl.

ha! who caught the woman who said her award was the “dog’s bollocks.” ha! she didn’t get censored. stupid americans.

“The only acting you ever see at the Oscars is when people act like they’re not mad they lost,” Rock said. He recalled the year when Halle Berry won and fellow nominee “Nicole Kidman was smiling so wide, she should have won an Emmy at the Oscars for her great performance. I was like, if you’d done that in the movie, you’d have won an Oscar, girl.”

~~Hilary Swank. not my style of dress. but, she looked awesome. usually she looks all masculine and horsey, but i was way impressed.
~~Natalie Portman. stunning.
~~Halle Berry. awful dress. gorgeous hair and face. as usual.
~~Kate Winslet
~~Cate Blachette, sure she needed a tan, but she looked great
~~Annette Bening. fantastic. she looks so good.
~~Emmy Rossum. she looked good. as always.

~~Renee Zellweger
~~Johnny Depp. ouch.
~~Gisele Bundchen. what was with the muumuu, girl?
~~Drew Barrymore. black and blech.

  1. another chris rock intro i had a problem with – “and here are the 4 presenters for best (whatever it was)penelope cruz and selma hayek.” give me a break.

    Comment by chisparoja on February 28, 2005
  2. was it just me or was there a total lack of big-name celebrities last night? the cameras spent 3 hours going between the same faces over and over and over. i was disappointed in the turn out.
    also, i hope you heard ? (this is going to drive me crazy. who was it???)sticking up for your jude. WHO WAS IT? ah. i think it was during an acceptance speech and he said he had to correct chris, b/c jude is a great actor blablabla. who???

    Comment by matin on February 28, 2005
  3. it was Sean Penn.

    yeah – it was an anticlimactic oscars for me.

    Comment by Ali on February 28, 2005

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