September 23 05

~~ Markus is a tool. blah, blah, blah, blah…shut the hell up already…

~~Melissa is a fool. who on earth says, “I can’t work with women,” in front of Carolyn. i’m glad she’s gone.

~~loved the opening footrace – very Amazing Race. Ties flapping in the wind! Barefoot tromping through grass! Golf cart races! Wheee! and who was that woman running? she was super fast!

~~I felt bad laughing at the tiny Tim. what was his name? i chuckled at every group shot. he’s soo small.

~~i liked Josh. he’s my fave so far. oh, and Randal too. i’m happy he gets to go home for the funeral.

~~Ok, so let me get this straight, Mr. Trump: you can’t tell people apart, so you group them together in such a way as to virtually ensure you’ll have a hard time telling them apart? that made ZERO sense.

~~all in all, i think it will be a good season. lots of people to loathe.


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